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28 Camden Passage

London, UK

N1 8ED

tel: 02073541329

A sushi takeaway shop opened in the heart of Angel, in October 2014. We seek to let all Londoners know the true taste of Japanese sushi at an affordable price. Our main objective is to see the smiles on all of our customers after tasting our sushi.

Customers can quickly pick a ready-made sushi from the fridge, and what's not there can be ordered to be made on the spot.

The shop itself only has 10 seats inside and 8 seats outside, so please make reservations before coming, or we cannot guarantee any seats.

Picture of Kaz Tateishi

About the Owner | Kaz Tateishi

Having pursued the freshest fish in Billingsgate market for over 25 years, Kaz Tateishi has had the passion for preparing his fish into sushi for sushi loving Londoners. His ambition was always to let everyone know the taste of real Japanese sushi. With his shop opened in October 2014, he had finally begun making his dream into reality by putting a smile on all of his customers.